Caitlin Harkins is a Customer Service Team Lead at Brightway Insurance. She discovered Brightway through a recruiting website and was hired as a Customer Service Representative in 2013. Caitlin was promoted to Unit Lead in 2016 and to her current position in 2017.

Video Transcription

Caitlin: “There really is a lot of opportunity here. I’ve been here for six years. I have held three different positions. Inside of those roles, I have had additional steps upward in each individual role, so the way that I did that was I worked hard, I had a good attitude and I expected feedback to help me get better. I’m not anything super special. There are multiple people at Brightway who have that same story and in even shorter time frames. So, I just recommend taking this as a career move and not just a job because there are so many places for you to grow and develop a career and new skills.”

Brightway will host a career fair at its corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019. Click here for details.

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