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Did you know that the average deer-vehicle crash costs drivers about $3,150 each? The good news is that animal-vehicle collisions have lower fatality rates than other types of motor vehicle crashes. But what can be done about the damage to your car?

What insurance coverage pays for deer or animal-related vehicular collision?

Generally, these crashes are covered by your Comprehensive coverage, which is part of your Physical Damage coverage in your Auto policy. Comprehensive is subject to a deductible.

So, review your policy to:

  1. Ensure you have Comprehensive coverage
  2. Check your deductible to ensure it’s an amount you can afford (you pay the deductible amount before the insurance company starts to pay)

Before you report the claim, bear in mind how much damage the crash costs and compare it to your deductible. If you think the crash wasn’t severe and your deductible is $500 or $1,000, you might consider getting the vehicle repaired on your own versus filing a claim.

If the damage on your vehicle is severe and goes far above your deductible, then file a claim.

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