Although these tips can help you stay safe while decorating, eventually you’ll want to show off these decorations to other people. With all the winter-time festivities, holiday parties and visiting family, you take on risk for all the people coming in and out of your home. That’s why our first safety tip for you is to have an Umbrella policy.

1. Get extra coverage with an Umbrella policy.

An Umbrella policy provides liability coverage for the things that your Homeowners insurance doesn’t, including any injuries a guest may sustain on your property.

2. Be cautious with open flames.

Make sure you keep garlands, rugs and blankets away from them. Opt for flame-resistant garlands around places such as your fireplace.

3. Don’t pull a Clark Griswold and find yourself in trouble while working on the roof alone.

If you’re going to work on the roof or a ladder, find a partner to help—a spouse, a friend, a neighbor. Never hang lights alone. Not only is it nice to have someone spotting you and keeping the ladder secure, but if you suffer a fall, or even an electrical injury, it’s good to have someone who can call for help.

4. While on a ladder, always keep three points of contact with the ladder.

5. Shift the ladder often instead of trying to overreach.

If you reach a certain point while leaning, gravity will make you tip over. While hanging garlands and lights, take time to climb down the ladder and readjust so that it’s centered to where you are working. It takes more time, but it’ll save you a hospital bill.

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