Although heating systems and furnaces may be the main source of heat in the modern home, there are plenty of people who enjoy an old-fashioned fireplace. But having a fireplace requires a certain amount of responsibility. While the majority of house fires start in the kitchen, 21% are a result of open flames and fireplaces.

In fact, the presence of a fireplace in your home has a direct effect on your Homeowners insurance rate, and even your ability to find coverage. Homes are assigned an ISO (Insurance Services Offices) Fire Rating on a scale of 1 to 10 based on a fire department’s ability to put out fires in the community. This rating also takes into consideration how far your home is from a fire hydrant, whether you have a fire place and other related factors.

Whether you have a high or low ISO fire rating, there are precautions you can take to receive discounts on your Homeowners insurance. For example, installing in-home sprinklers and smart smoke alarms. And although it may not directly provide a discount, it’s smart to have regular maintenance, cleaning and alarm testing done.

Below you’ll find important tips for fireplace maintenance and reducing your risk with open flames this winter.

Woodburning fireplace

Maintenance and Safety

Gas fireplace

Maintenance and Safety

Outside fire pit

Maintenance and Safety

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