The newest wave of crime has come to us in the form of theft of packages left at the front door of homes. You order something online, it gets delivered to your doorstep, and then a conniving porch pirate comes by to snatch it up. Intruders know that the winter holidays mean that people are going to be ordering lots of gifts online and having them delivered to their doorstep.

But the story doesn’t have to end with a criminal driving off with your presents. Not if you take the time to put these measures into place.

1. Improve your home security.

All of these measures below are great ways to secure your packages at your door, but they’re also great ways to secure your home. Not many people realize this but taking proactive measures like installing security cameras and getting an alarm system installed has the potential to lower your Homeowners insurance rates by as much as 20%.

2. Invest in a video doorbell.

There are a growing number of video doorbells out there, all that give you a view of what’s happening at your front step. In fact, many security companies include video doorbells as part of their home packages. Some video doorbells have special functions for notifying you of movement at the front door, others have alerts to phone the police and take photos.

3. Have your package shipped to a locker.

Delivery services such as Amazon and UPS make available an option to have packages sent to a nearby secure locker. This means that instead of hanging out exposed on your front porch, your delivery is kept safely in a locker until you retrieve them. Look to see if there’s a locker location near you. Lockers are located in shops, libraries, post offices and gas stations.

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