For the past two years, October has been the most popular month to get married in the United States. In fact, the top three dates for weddings all occur within the month of October.

Is it the lovely fall weather, breezy and warm that highlights all the golden years ahead, or does entering an eternal commitment help downplay the fear-factor of the chainsaw-wielding psycho in the haunted house? Who’s to say? One thing we do know is that marriage changes things: how you sleep, how you handle doing the dishes and even how you clean your beard trimmings out of the sink.

And yes, saying “I do” also changes your insurance.

Well, marriage changes what you’ll want covered. It’s not like your Brightway agent is going to be at the end of the aisle with you holding your policy open and having you say, “I do” to your policy changes. That would be a lot easier but might detract from the intimacy of the ceremony, wouldn’t it?

Hopefully what we have outlined here will be easier. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about your insurance when getting married.

Married Driver Discount

A couple driving down the road with cans tied to a 'Just Married' sign on the back of the car. The bride is throwing her bouquet out the window.

Go ahead and tie those cans to your bumper because married couples may be eligible for lower rates on a new, combined policy on their Auto insurance. A combined policy will include coverage on both of your vehicles, and on both of you. Get in touch with your agent in order to purchase a combined policy.

Protecting Your Nest

What good is a nest egg without a nest? One-third of married people bought their first home with their spouse in the first two years of marriage. Not only is it a marriage milestone, it’s also legally sound to make a joint purchase like buying a house when you’re legally bound (to each other, that is).

Buying a home means buying Homeowners insurance with it. Make sure the policies are listed with both of your names.

For those of you who bought insurance just before the wedding, talk with a Brightway agent about bumping up your personal property coverage to cover all the unnecessary clutter your spouse moves into the home and refuses to throw away.

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Keep Your Vows After You’re Gone

The best way to love your spouse after you’re gone is to do everything you can to ensure his or her well-being. One way to do this is by purchasing Life insurance.

Life insurance makes sure your significant other won’t feel the loss of your income along with the loss of all the joy of you (Yes, including leaving your beard trimmings in the sink and cluttering up the home with all your online shopping). It makes the loss a little more bearable, not having to worry about facing unexpected financial burdens without your income. It means instead of worrying about moving money around or downgrading properties, your spouse can focus on grieving and remembering the good times you had together.

If you already have a Life insurance policy, make sure to change the beneficiary to your spouse if he or she hasn’t already been listed.

Insure the wedding bling

Protect your wedding bands and engagement ring by purchasing Personal Article insurance. That way if it gets lost while raking all those fall leaves, you can at least find another symbol to replace it. Depending on how the policy is written, it may include the ability to file a claim on it should the ring face any damage.


Since you’ll be sharing the same roof, and inevitably your social circles will combine to create a sort of revolving door into your home, it’s smart to get coverage in the unlikely case that any of those people get injured on your property. Time to be just like mom and dad and get all the adult insurance, which typically includes Umbrella, that way you can enjoy hosting lots of fun shindigs together instead of worrying about the liability and risk you’re inviting in.

Time to celebrate!

Congrats to all of you getting married! Keep in mind that insurance exists in order to cover your family in case of a disaster. So take your spouse by the hand and go visit an agent together so that you can make the right decisions for your household. There’s only one thing worth all the risks and liability, and that’s love.

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To the rest of you, this is as good a time as any to review your insurance coverage. So get with your spouse and make sure you’re covering everything that needs to be covered.

An infographic with insurance tips. After the I dos it's time to review your coverage. Auto - Married drivers may be eligible for a new, combined auto policy. Home/Condo/Renters - Protect your home and personal property from perils. Liability - Umbrella insurance can protect you against the financial risk of personal liability. Life - Aid the surviving spouse from inheriting a financial burden.