We are monitoring the tropics as well as the wildfires in the West closely. If you suffer damage from a storm or wildfire, the fastest way to report a claim is to contact the insurance company your policy is written with directly.
You can find the company’s name on your policy. You will need the name and address on the policy. Click here to find your insurance company's contact information to report a claim. 

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Some homeowners and drivers are finding their insurance rates are going up significantly without any obvious explanation.

You need to know that there are global changes happening that may affect you.

Soft Market vs. Hard Market
The property/casualty insurance market is cyclical. That is, there are periods when the number of claims paid, and the amounts paid, are lower and, as a result competitively priced insurance is relatively easy to come by. We’ve been in this period—called a soft market—for about 10 years now.

Then, there are periods of time when insurance companies are trying to recover from claims paid as a result of catastrophes anywhere in the world.  This is called a hard market. In a hard market, rates go up, underwriting requirements tighten and other insurance policies are increasingly hard to come by.

The earth was besieged by $40 billion weather disasters in 2019, according to insurance broker Aon. The U.S. experienced 14 separate billion-dollar disasters last year and, the decade of 2010-2019 was a landmark 10-year span of billion-dollar weather and climate disasters.

As a result of these weather disasters, the industry is entering a hard market. This means Homeowners rates may go up across the board due to things like:

What to do in a hard market
In this hard market, Brightway continues to provide customers with information to make informed decisions. We strongly urge you to: