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    3 reasons why you should become an insurance agent

    Sep 9, 2021

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    1. Residual income

    You earn money on the same policies year after year, building an annuity. Insurance policies are typically 12-month terms and less frequently, 6-month terms. When you build relationships with referral partners in your community, they will refer people to you who need a Homeowners policy so that they can complete their home purchase or refinance. When you write the home, you always have a chance to talk with them about their Auto policy. After all, nearly everyone owns a car, don’t they?

    When you sell these two policies (and maybe an accompanying Flood policy and an Umbrella policy to ensure their financial futures are secure), you earn New Business commission. When they renew (and most due), you’ll earn commission again (Renewal commission) for as long as these policies renew.

    This helps you to build a very strong business over time as you continue selling New Business and the Renewal Business stays on the books. Think of a 401(k). You put money into it in Year 1 and the money is still there in Year 2 as you’re contributing more and more. This is unlike most business that require you to sell another widget the next day and the day after that. The widget you sold yesterday doesn’t generate revenue except for on the day you sold it.

    2. Opportunity to be a hero in your community

    It’s simple: Every time you, your friends, family, neighbors, get behind the wheel of a vehicle or invite anyone into their home/on their property everything they have ever earned and everything they will ever earn is at risk. As an insurance agent, your have the opportunity to ensure everyone’s financial futures are protected. You do this by making sure they have Home and Auto policy with the right coverages and the right limits of coverage. And, you make sure an Umbrella policy is in place that will provide even greater liability coverage.

    When you do, your customers move forward with their lives knowing you’ve got their back.

    3. Opportunity to build a legacy for your children

    You know your kids are going to do great, but you want to build a business that they can learn and grow in and that, one day, they can call their own. If you choose the right insurance agency to partner with, you can do this, ensuring their financial future.