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    As Mother’s Day nears, yet another reflection on work/life balance

    May 14, 2017

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    By Kristy Moffat

    I’ve been in the insurance business for almost 20 years now, and I’ve always worked hard to deliver my best work as a professional. I’ve been proud to be a workaholic, since most of my life has been defined by what I do for a living.

    And then eight months ago, my husband and I had our son, Aedan. Since then, I’ve found a new platform on which to work hard: Motherhood.

    So I’ve basically doubled my hard work because I’ve been reaching for the elusive state of work/life balance. Have I attained it? Not yet. But I keep trying!

    After my son was born, I started to think about what was really important to me. The easy answer was that raising my son would win out over work. Of course a child’s life should come before a job. But at the same time, my work helps me provide for my family and the enjoyment I get from my career helps me be a happier person, which makes me a better mother. So prioritization was much more difficult than a basic choice of family over job.

    Fortunately, I found a business opportunity that would let me fulfill myself on both planes simultaneously—one in which I get to do what I love, and I love what I do.

    Owning an insurance agency aligns with my personal values and lets me help my friends and neighbors by protecting their financial futures. I can’t think of many things that matter more for them and their families.

    There are days when the office looks a lot like home, complete with my husband and son, and weekend days when my home looks a lot like my office, complete with laptop and papers spread across the dining room table.

    It’s challenging. It’s fulfilling. And, it’s mine.

    One out of every three business owners in the United States is a woman, and I’m proud that the business I joined reflects the national average. As I write this, six new women are joining the company as business owners all over the country. Congratulations to them.

    Remember: There’s always room for one more. Find your passion, where the blending sweetens, rather than hinders, your enjoyment of life, and then join us!

    Kristy Moffat is the Agency Owner of Brightway, The Moffat Agency, a personal lines insurance agency in Gainesville, Florida.