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    Camaraderie at its best

    Jun 11, 2019

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    If you’re currently a captive agent, you likely sometimes feel like your competing with your own company and if you’re an independent agent, you probably feel like you’re on your own sometimes.

    Franchise author and expert Christy Wilson Delk had this to say about Brightway: “I’ve spent a lot of time with franchisors and their franchisees. I’ve never seen a group that so freely shares information to help each other grow.”

    Case in point- Agency Owners in Colorado Brandon Kolk and Rob Scheibe flew to Florida recently to meet with Brightway Multi-unit owner Billy Wagner and Producer Chris Huebener.

    “Billy is a true leader at Brightway and in the insurance industry in every aspect. The exchanging of ideas is beneficial to both sides and unfortunately, it’s a rarity in the industry,” said Brandon, who came to Brightway from the captive world. “We all get better personally and professionally when we openly discuss successes and failures. I truly appreciate the time Billy, Chris and the whole office spent with me.”

    Billy has been named Brightway’s Agency Owner of the Year for the last two years and Chris has received the $2 Million Producer Award for three years in a row, selling nearly $2.9 million in written premium last year.

    For Billy, even though he has enjoyed immense success with Brightway, he knows you can never be too successful to learn from somebody else.

    “I had a great time sharing wins and lessons with Brandon and Rob,” said Billy. “A huge advantage to our network is the ability to leverage each other to mutual success. Iron sharpens Iron.”