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As tradition goes, most young adults who commit to a life together celebrate with an engagement and wedding celebration. For new Brightway Agency Owners JD Osborne and Jessica Cole, the choice was: Do you want a big wedding or do you want to start a lucrative business? They chose the ability to reach their personal potential through owning a Brightway franchise.

Air travel can be tricky, and such was the case the day JD and Jessica were to fly in to Jacksonville from two different cities to attend a Brightway Day of Discovery, a standard part of the franchise vetting process.

Despite an all-night “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” episode, JD arrived by rental car (with the renter sleeping in the backseat) at 7 a.m. to pick up his partner of more than a year for a trip to Brightway’s Home Office. But, before they jumped into JD’’s rental car, one very important piece of business needed to be attended to. That’s when JD looked Jessica in the eye and asked the question.

Once the agreement on starting a business was made, they zoomed off to their Day of Discovery, JD looking a little road weary and Jessica sporting a gorgeous new promise ring that signified their lifelong commitment to each other and to making their Brightway franchise as successful as it can possibly be.

“We’ll get married one day. Starting our Brightway journey now will give us the lifestyle we want to have when we do get married,” said Jessica when asked about her choice. “Weddings only last one day, but owning a business will be our legacy.”

Please join us in congratulating JD and Jessica Cole on their lifelong adventure together.