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    Forbes: How Franchisors squeeze money from their franchisees

    Aug 29, 2017

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    Franchise models are a great way for entrepreneurs to start their own gig – having a business model to follow and brand to leverage increase the likelihood of business success.

    However, according to Forbes, franchisors get “a large influx of cash…from mandating that their franchisees buy certain products to run their business—ingredients for making products, equipment, promotional items, etc. When the small-business owners inevitably buy those things, the franchisor gets a cut of the mark-up either by manufacturing those ‘must-have’ items or negotiating a rebate deal with whatever third party does.”

    Not Brightway. We measure our success by our franchisees’ success. This means the cost of what you need to open and operate your Brightway Insurance store (signage, desks, computers) is negotiated by Home Office and the cost is passed on to you at the discounted rate—always.

    As a Brightway Insurance franchisee, your operating costs are nearly all fixed, except for your compensation costs (the more people you hire, the faster you can grow). And, when you grow your business, you don’t need to increase staff to handle the ongoing customer support—that’s done by us at Home Office.

    Our comprehensive system of support lets you focus on building a world-class sales team, which helps you to outsell the competition 3-to-1.*

    If you’re ready to be your own boss and find unlimited success with Brightway, call a Franchise Consultant today at 855-723-5348, or click here.