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    More choice, service and freedom led Agency Owner to success

    Mar 1, 2022

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    Sam Kassar has nearly 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. Throughout those years, he’s kept many of the same customers.

    How did he do this? By understanding his market and what customers are looking for.

    Building relationships from the start

    Kassar started his insurance career as a captive agent, gaining seven years of experience and a solid customer base. Though he was energized by building relationships with new customers, Kassar was limited to writing policies from one insurance carrier. He eventually became frustrated with losing out on new business due to lack of options for his customers.

    Transitioning to more choice and freedom

    Kassar decided to make a change. Initially, he considered starting his own independent agency, but he knew he would be responsible for building carrier access and providing all customer service associated with customer policies. Brightway’s existing access to multiple insurance carriers along with the customer service provided were huge differentiators, leading Kassar to open Brightway, The Kassar Agency in Bonita Springs, Fl. in 2011. Taking advantage of Brightway’s multi-unit program, he opened a second location in 2018 in Naples, Fl.

    Another benefit Kassar and his team enjoy from Brightway is freedom.

    “What I like about Brightway, along with all the carriers and options I have access to, is the freedom I have,” said Kassar. “I appreciate the ability to work and not be micromanaged. I can manage myself and my employees successfully and I appreciate the freedom from Brightway to do that.”

    Developing lasting connections

    With almost two decades of experience in insurance, Kassar can’t recall just one customer anecdote that stands out the most. Each customer interaction and relationship are special to him.

    “I’ve known some of my customers since I started in insurance,” said Kassar. “I’ve become a part of their lives and have attended their weddings, birthdays, graduations, bar mitzvahs and other events. Some of my long-time customers frequently stop in say hello when they’re nearby. I’ve seen my customers’ lives grow and have met their kids and grandkids. They trust me and know that I will do right by them. They’re good people and we share the same values.”

    Kassar’s customers are not just customers to him and his agents. They are like family and a major part of his life. Along with his commitment to customers, Kassar reflected on his choice to open a Brightway Agency.

    “Overall, going with Brightway is one of the best decisions I’ve made,” said Kassar. “I’ve been really successful with our agency since we opened.”

    His success is apparent from the relationships he and his agents have developed over the years. Both of Kassar’s agencies have more than 50 five-star reviews on Google.

    To others interested in opening an agency, Kassar emphasized that it still requires a lot of work but can be very successful for those who know the industry, how to build relationships and how to manage their time. From there, Brightway will provide the tools and resources to help new Agency Owners build their business.

    For those interested in learning more about franchising with Brightway, complete this form.