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    Six unique benefits of our franchise contract

    May 15, 2023

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    1. A contract focused on your success

    Brightway offers one of the most affordable franchise models available—in any industry. With franchise fees as low as $10,000, your new business can be up and running with a starting investment as little as $22,000. Backed by our support and our new Sunrise bonus commission program, you can quickly recoup your investment with new and recurring sales. Be sure to inquire with a Brightway Franchise Development Representative about our financing options as well.

    2. No renewal fees

    We are in the business of helping our business partners build profitable insurance agencies. It’s our job to make it as easy as we can for them to do that. One of the roadblocks we have removed is the franchise contract renewal fee. We’d rather our franchisees take that money and re-invest it in their agencies to reach their full potential.

    3. Unlimited contract renewals

    Insurance enterprises are built over time and everyone should have the opportunity to reach his or her potential with Brightway. For that reason, there are an unlimited number of contract renewals. Oh, and by the way, no sales quotas either. You define your potential, we support you in reaching it, no matter your definition.

    4. Guaranteed buyout

    At every renewal term, or every five years, if you decide you don’t want to renew your contract, sell or pass on your business to a new owner, you will have the opportunity to take a guaranteed buyout from Brightway. This buyout is 1.5 times your renewal commission, is paid out over 24 months and is re-calculated at month 12. The recalculation benefits you—there is likely business that was written prior to the first buyout calculation that wasn’t in a renewal term yet. When we re-calculate, we can capture the value of that business, too, and re-adjust the buyout amount, benefiting you.

    5. Leaving a legacy

    We empower you to give your Brightway enterprise to a family member or successor. If your dream is to continue your legacy, we want to help you achieve it. Since you’re giving your business as a gift, no additional franchise fee is incurred.

    6. Two-for-one and more

    Our franchise fee gives you the right to open your Brightway location and the option to open a second for free if you wish to build an enterprise.